I'm Tiffany.

Becoming a mama 12 years ago changed my understanding of how quickly this life passes. My goal as been to really soak it in and take a whole lotta photos along the way to help me remember.

Where it started.

When I started my business, my husband, David was a HUGE part of it. He learned the business aspect and was my second set of eyes/hands. Over the years, I simplified my shooting style...and while he doesn't help with my sessions, he still provides the support and flexibility to allow me to put as much effort into the business I want. Hence, the business name: nine29 (our wedding anniversary) photography.

The Process

01. Connect

Share your story

Shoot me a message on here or a text and we'll start the process. Tell me what it is you're wanting to capture and why, and we'll go from there.

02. Conceptualize

Develop Your Vision

Tell me your ideas, visions, and hopes for this session. If you are unsure of what ideas you have, but know why you want a session...that's perfect too! We'll discuss location and outfits and I'll fill in the rest!

03. Create

Bring it to life

You'll never wonder what you should be doing or how to pose. But the real magic happens in between all that. I'll have you interact and give you prompts to help loosen you up and capture your authentic selves.